What would happen if a day on Earth lasted 30 hours?

-- How different would things be?

As we all know, a rotation of Earth, or a day, takes twenty four hours. We take about 8 hours to sleep, and stay up the other 14. But what would happen if a day took thirty hours to rotate? Are bo dies would have to adjust, no one would know when they're birthday is, and a day would become a lot longer. Every calender would have to be adjusted, meetings changed, and the holidays would be all mixed up. Not only that, but years wouldn't be 365 1/4 days anymore. By using a calculator, I can determine that there would be exactly 292 days a year, 73 days shorter than a normal one. For a while, there would be panic, but what we would be able to make a "day," much more productive. Kids might not like getting more school, but there would also be more breaks, and adults will be able to make more money because they can work more. Every normal thing would change, but it would be very intresting to see what will happen if Earth's rotation took longer.

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