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转自Seth: I’m not worried at all.    I wish everyone felt that way. I’m not naive to the evil all around us, and the tightening vice of tyranny. I remember feeling sick to my stomach last summer when I began to ponder a future with Trump not re-elected.    Then when all of this went down, and I took action, the fear went away.    Republics come and go. Nation states realign and dissolve. History marches on. There are now 47 European nations. Just before WW1, there were 14.    So if your view of a resolution to our current crisis is Union at all costs, and Trump gets 3 more years in office, then it is a short sighted one. If we are free people only when a certain man is president, are we trul ... 更多

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4篇。 如果成立,取消认证几乎不可能。从最后一篇看,似乎要做好最坏的准备。 What responsibility does AZ Senator Karen Fann have in failing to compel production of the routers months ago through a court order? Her strategy appeared to be "issue more subpoenas" and be ignored. Why did the AZ Senate (Fann) allow themselves to be intimidated by Merrick Garland from doing a canvass?   Either they were intimidated and revealed themselves to be cowards, or they secretly never intended to do a canvass.  The latter is even worse, and I suspect it is true. Why did the AZ Senate try to muzzle Doug Logan, it's chief auditor, and produce a heavily watered-down report? Why is the AZ Senate trying to muzzle Jovan Hutton Pulitzer's kinematic findings on whether we had counterfeit ballots? We already have enough to dec ... 更多

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https://twitter.com/PandaTribune/status/1441572196099440651?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1441572196099440651%7Ctwgr%5E%7Ctwcon%5Es1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.waynedupree.com%2F2021%2F09%2Fax-audit-media-dems-spin%2F 媒体搅浑水的能力这一次得到了充分发挥的机会,呵呵。 ... 更多

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明确说要过度到毛时代的社会主义了  ... 更多

AZ 后续走向
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习惯上我周末不评政治,不过昨天的审票报告出台,我看了一下,觉得各大评论似乎没有说到重点上。所以今天加一下班。周一我就不写了。 首先说我的结论:AZ的最好结果,是该州取消对拜登胜选的认证,但是不太可能认证Trump获胜。对比别的州的情况,或许有几个州会翻盘,但是多数有问题的州会是AZ的这种结果 ... 更多

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  转自Seth的channel, 来自一个名为Pablo的message: I worked for Ducey for a few years and I was fired from my position as Operations Chief for emergency management after I was tasked with completing an equipment audit of the division of emergency management.  The reason I was terminated, by non other than Michael MGuire (Ducey's Stooge), was because I found that DEMA (Div of Emergency Management and Military Affairs) was missing over 1 million dollars in equipment to include, laptops, encrypted handheld radios, server systems, and entire sharepoint software setup, cell phones, satellite phones and many many other items that were purchased by us but nowhere to be found.  After my termination, I filed letter after letter with the AG Office, the Governors Office and State HR and never heard a peep from them.  They got ... 更多

Seth 这篇文章的观点和俺不同,
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It is the job of governors to protect the rights of citizens and provide executive oversight to the function of government.    With his statement that the 2020 election “is over,” Governor Ducey of Arizona has proven beyond shadow of doubt that he is bought and paid for, and complicit in the corruption of the election.    Once the audit was inevitable, I believe many inauthentic actors in Arizona thought they had things fixed because “the count matches up.” Remember the senate president highlighting that.    The language of the audit report was manipulated to not include “decertify” and also withheld the forensic details, which are staggering.    And even with all of this, and with ne ... 更多

A very comprehensive article
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https://uncoverdc.com/2021/09/24/maricopa-county-audit-report-over-57k-votes-in-question/ 值得细读。 ... 更多

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现在,如果你想在党内赢得提名,参加明年的中期选举,那么,对于2020年的大选审计,持怎样的立场,越来越成为一个无从回避的问题。 在今天的审计报告出来以后,亚利桑那州的候选人更是直接需要对是否取消认证表明态度,呵呵,这就是潮流。先不管是真情还是假意,声势必须搞上去。 这个参议院的主席还是蛮有意思的,那封信看上去简直是客观得不能再客观了,即便是事实表述,也非常节制,但是,最后那句一些有关的事项云云,分明是有备而来,呵呵。她还安排了一个律师角色,讲哪里哪里违反了哪条法规,老太厉害啊,这分明是普法教育,而且为抓捕和取消认证做了最好的铺垫 ... 更多

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如果沒有Q的計劃,那這盤棋只能這樣下: 一是發動民意,要求取消認證,這點Wendy已經做了,在今日直播前,已經超過100萬人簽名了: 但是,很遺憾,民意現在份量不夠的: 二是司法介入,審計報告提出了那麼多疑點,司法介入的理由是充分的。 假如,抓到了幾個傢伙,人家抱著以後被大赦的堅定立場,死活頂住,拒不吐實,那麼,這事還是兩說。司法未必搞得定。 三是打官司,這條路很長; 看來,Q是需要的,呵呵。 這個世界,既然那麼多的深層力量聚合,要建立所謂的全球新秩序,很自然地,正義力量也一定在集結中,捍衛自由,否則,未免太過悲觀 ... 更多